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Since 1962 we have been providing graphic based information solutions that are both intelligent and unique. With three locations in Utah and one in Colorado, we are well equipped to handle your needs.

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About Peczuh

Praise be to immigrants

In 1962, Frank J. Peczuh, a son of Hungarian immigrants, started a
small printing company in the starkly beautiful expanse of Carbon
County, Utah. He called his company Peczuh Printing. As a result of the
etymological whims of the Ellis Island processors, the name, which was
to have been pronounced “Pet-choo,” metamorphosed into the current
day pronunciation of “P-Z,” while the spelling remained intact. Today,
we remain relatively indifferent as to pronunciation but are extremely
passionate about print—in all of its unique manifestations.

As printers, we obviously believe in the viability of printed material.
In fact we are so confident in the long-term viability of enhancing
substrates that a major component of our planned growth strategy is
to continue to invest in new acquisitions and technologically advanced
equipment—most recently our new Komori 41” 6-Color H-UV Offset
Press and a Heidelberg Versafire CP Color Digital Press.

Today we have four production facilities—three in Utah and one in
Colorado—and plan on being a predominant player in the industry
well into the future. Notwithstanding the power and viability of print,
we recognize that the combination of superior design and exceptional
printing is an ennobling endeavor and contributes to the elevation of

Quite literally, that is the purpose of our existence.


We are solutions purveyors. There is one solution, above all others, that is the most correct, the most true. We take very seriously our responsibility to learn as much as possible about our clients’ needs and objectives, as well as their targeted end-users, and then present the most intelligent solution. Each solution offered is able to answer in the affirmative the following four questions: Is it good for our clients? Is it good for our clients’ clients? Is it good for us? Is it good for humankind?

Companies are constantly searching for ways and means to better achieve their financial and growth projections. In many instances they lack a coordinated approach to information management. This lack of integrated solutions causes them to employ multiple agencies, contractors or outsourcing suppliers, which generally exacerbates the problem. It is not our intent to be “all things to all people.” Instead, we choose to be a “one-source” solution to a specific and targeted group of people: our clients.

We bring order to chaos by providing an integrated and comprehensive approach to information solutions management through a complete complement of skills and technology. By combining conceptual creation and pragmatic execution we are able to deliver value-added solutions that are both innovative and functional. As Bruce Mau stated, “Real innovation occurs in context. That context is usually manifested in some form of cooperatively managed enterprise.”

As with any successful enterprise, collaboration is the key element of our multifaceted approach to problem solving. Every collaborator who enters our orbit brings with them a more unique, strange and complex set of tools than any we could ever hope to imagine. This exceptional combination of  experience, knowledge, skills and dedication to craft, allow us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and integrated solutions’ package available.

The components that comprise this collaboration constitute a working definition of synergy and this combination of tactile, visual and intellectual pursuits serve to create the desired solution. That created solution stands on its own merits and has the ability to inspire and elevate.


Our vision is to be purveyors of integrated, multifaceted information solutions. These solutions –be they visual, tactile, technological or intellectual –enable our clients to fulfill their objectives and provide a positive and beneficial product or service to their end-users. This, in turn, creates an entity that grows beyond our current understanding into a process that contributes to the elevation of humanity –economically and creatively.


Our Mission is to give each project the attention it deserves and to push it beyond the expected. To charge a fair and equitable price and thus ensure our financial stability and longevity. To provide a revenue stream for the future and to develop the talents and abilities of our current and future associates. To always remember that “what we do today determines what we do tomorrow.”